Tips to starting a Youtube channel

Want to know how to do it?

Are you thinking of starting your career as a Youtuber and want to know what the keys to success are?

Are you going to open your content channel but you don’t have any idea what to talk about?

Don’t worry anymore, because we will help you to solve all those doubts and make your way in Youtube a real success.

Right now there are so many channels open on this platform that it is impossible to distinguish which ones work and which ones don’t, since being successful in this format is ultimately subjective and depends largely on your personal aspirations and what you hope to achieve by sharing your videos.

However, although there are many youtubers that started their journey on the platform and managed to jump to fame in a short time, getting to achieve something like this at this time is really complicated.

How do we know what we should share with our fans to captivate them and reach many more people?

What are the keys to success to be a successful youtuber?

Here we explain them all.

Are you ready to become a real youtuber?

Read on!begin your youtube channel tips

Starting a youtube channel tips

Choose your content

It seems obvious but the truth is that most people who fail in Youtube are because they don’t know how to create original and quality content.

It’s very important to make a difference and try to give a unique and unrepeatable image and voice to the topics you decide to talk about, since everyone can talk about cooking, but what will make them choose you and not someone else will be the way you do it, the tone, the editing, etc.

Buy good recording equipment

While having a professional camera and lighting equipment is not a prerequisite for getting a following on youtube, it does help in the long run.

There is a lot of competition these days, which in the end makes uploading videos with a higher resolution, with proper lighting and a very well cared for scenario make the difference and win positions against others with a more modest budget.

If you really want to succeed and you are dedicating all your efforts and part of your savings to your new channel, you should invest a little more in the recording equipment you work with and ensure that all your content is of high quality and that it makes the difference compared to your main competitors.

Sometimes more is also more, don’t forget.

Don’t make too long videos

All Youtube experts agree on this: videos should not exceed 10 minutes in length.

However, there are always exceptions such as Gameplay or live broadcast channels, which connect directly to all their followers and do not have the pressure to control their recording time.

However, for the rest of the channels, it is not recommended in any case to exceed that recording time, since it has been more than proved that the platform users do not consume more than 5 or 6 minutes per video.

In all cases where users see that they exceed them, they usually end up abandoning them in the middle of the playback or don’t even give them a chance and dismiss them immediately.side hustle youtube channel

You must be consistent

Should I upload video daily? Not daily, but every week.

The youtube platform has the philosophy of rewarding all those channels that are always active and that upload at least one new video a week.

And how are they rewarded?

By increasing their visibility in the search results and making their audience increase progressively.

However, not all types of content are valid. Youtube analyzes each channel in detail and will only reward those channels that make an effort to contribute new content to the platform and that do so in a totally original and plagiarism-free way.

If it detects that you upload too many videos copying ideas from other channels, it will penalize you or directly close the channel.

Be constant and be original and everything will be fine.

Use the social to promote yourself

If you want to make yourself known quickly you should use all the resources you have available, and what is the best way nowadays to share content all over the world?

Through social networks, of course.

However, you must promote your own channel without falling into the trap of SPAM.

People hate SPAM and if they detect it they will end up blocking you and sending you directly to the forgotten folder, so if you want to gain public you will have to do it in a totally natural way and without forcing anyone to watch your channel tips for beginners

Interact with your followers

A good way to gain your followers’ affection is by making them feel important and responding to any comments they make.

At the beginning this task will be relatively easy, since you will not have too many followers and you will be able to visualize and answer every comment they make with complete peace of mind.

There is also the possibility that you will receive negative comments to which you will have to respond with total professionalism and not let yourself be carried away by anger, since all these comments are public and if the rest of your followers see that your attitude towards criticism is excessive and irrational they will end up not following you and the only one who will lose out is you.

Therefore, be grateful for all the comments made to you and be patient and understanding in the face of any criticism.

That is the key to growing and continuing to learn in this complex digital world.



If you start uploading videos to youtube to get rich quickly, we advise you not to let it go because you will be bitterly and quickly disappointed.

Although it is true that there are many youtubers who have managed to live off the platform, getting there is really difficult and most people with successful channels do not manage to live off the profits they make from their videos.

Therefore, if you are going to start your journey as a youtuber you better be patient and realistic, since uploading content to this platform in most cases ends up becoming more of a hobby than a profession, do not forget.

This doesn’t mean you can’t make money, but it will simply be a really long and difficult road.

Try hard and enjoy it, that’s the best philosophy you can have to be a happy youtuber nowadays.


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