Motivational quotes for starting a business

Are you thinking of undertaking a project on motivational videos on YouTube?

You’ve always wanted to have your own motivational channel but you’re not clear on where to start and what exactly will make it up?

Don’t worry, because all these doubts are common among all beginners who decide to create their own channel on YouTube, especially if it’s a channel as special as the one to motivate people to improve their lives and to improve themselves a little more every day.


And what does it take to start a motivational phrase business?

It’s clear, isn’t it?

You need motivational phrases.

But not just any phrase that you can find on the poster of a big cologne advertising campaign or a pair of sneakers, but phrases that invite people to think, to reflect on their own lives and that make them feel that they still have a chance to change for the better.


You have no idea what kind of phrases to use in your first videos?

Don’t worry, because below we are going to give you a list of some of the best motivational phrases that you have ever read and that will surely make you think even to yourself when you read them.

After all, for a motivational channel to work, all you need is to have content that really reaches the audience and moves them deeply.

Motivational quotes for starting a Youtube channel

Do you want motivational quotes for starting a Youtube channel?


Read on!

motivational quotes business


1. “Do something today that your future self will thank you for”


This sentence has a very clear and direct message: start working hard from today so that when the years go by you can feel proud of all your achievements and efforts.

Nothing is free and no one gets things for free, so if you really want tomorrow to be what you’ve always dreamed of, all you have to do today is work hard for it.


If you introduce this phrase in a motivational video you will surely cause the expected reaction, since nowadays there are many people who surely need to hear something like this to feel that they can really achieve it.

Sometimes it is enough to read or hear it to know that we needed it, so do not hesitate to use this great phrase to cause the desired effect on your viewers.


2. “It’s going to be hard, but hard does not mean impossible”


With this phrase you will be telling your followers that nothing is impossible, no matter how difficult it may be to put it.

It is important that a motivational video is realistic and does not try to sell unreachable dreams, because although the main mission of this type of video is to give the necessary tools for a dream to come true, it is also necessary to make it clear that for that to happen first you will have to go through a long and hard process.


There are those who believe that by feeling motivated for a couple of days they will achieve everything they set out to do, but the truth is that it takes many more days to achieve something and that implies that not everyone is pretty.

Therefore, explain to them that things will also get difficult, that the road to success is full of traps, but that is precisely what makes the goal so satisfying.

motivational quotes for starting a business

3. “Sometimes we’re tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths”


This precious phrase invites us to reflect on the weaknesses that each one of us has, because if there is one thing that all human beings have, it is weakness.

Although this fact is more than evident, most of us do not like to be reminded that we have defects, much less that these are visible to others because we believe that this will be giving them the power to harm us.

But what if instead of making us feel weaker, the most difficult moments of our lives are actually helping us to discover our qualities and all our inner strength?


This phrase is making it very clear to us that people always have more resources than we think, being able to overcome difficulties and manage to reach the end of our road in a successful way.

It is very important that you remind that to all those who listen to you because they will need it very much for the new path they are about to take.


4. “Dream it. Believe it. Build it”


Projects are not only made of dreams, but a whole set of ideas and strategies are needed to shape those dreams and make them a reality.

This sentence makes it clear: Dream, believe it is possible and then get to work on how to achieve it.


Many people are frustrated at first because they encounter all kinds of obstacles that make it impossible for their dreams to come true in the time frame they had estimated.

The main reason for this frustration is that these people had not built a realistic plan on how to achieve their dreams, resulting in the difficulties and in desperation of not achieving results quickly.

starting a business motivational quotes

So don’t forget to remind your followers in each of your videos that dreams also need a plan to come true and that it is not enough to have them in our minds as something ideal to want to achieve.



5. “Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you”


This quote has a clear, sincere and realistic message about what it should really be like to have dreams and strive to make them come true.

The fact is that many times people get lost and think that things are only worthwhile when they bring in money quickly, when in fact it is just the opposite.

What we really have to change in order to achieve what we want is our vision of life, since money will not bring us even half the satisfaction of having achieved all our goals by our own means.


No one says later that these achievements cannot bring us large amounts of money, but that will only come if we have first made a real change about our ideas and about our ways of executing them.

Everything else will come only in time.


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