How to make motivational videos

In the difficult times we are living in, it is not strange to feel down, sad and discouraged with the life we are leading, to the point of wondering if the direction we have taken in our life is really the one we wanted.

It has never happened to you?

Have you never come home at night after a long day’s work and felt that you wanted something different?

Something that would make you feel more alive?

Have you ever felt empty because of the life you have chosen to lead?

Surely you have, and surely millions of people right now are feeling that way too.


And what recourse do people have today to escape that feeling of sadness, anxiety and despair?

Watching videos on the internet that motivate us to keep trying every day.

But not just any kind of video, but more specifically a type of video that is becoming more and more popular and that has its own category within YouTube: motivational videos.


These types of videos have the social function of making us feel better, they seek to identify with our deepest emotions to connect with us and make us feel that everything that is being said to us in just a few minutes of video is possible.

Whether it is a speech by a famous character, a poem with background music, fragments of famous movies and their mythical phrases or simply a simple video with a careful script that transmits peace and positivity.

Any format is valid as long as it motivates us and that is what makes them so special and so necessary for society.


You also want to create your own motivational videos and have a legion of followers who will listen to you and be part of your community?

Then look no further, because below we will give you the keys to start producing motivational videos with all the guarantees of success.


Lets get into it!want to make motivational videos


How to make motivational videos


Identify your audience and find out what they want to hear


Before you start creating videos like crazy and writing motivational scripts without any basis, the first thing you should do is identify your target audience.

Who listens to you?

What kind of content do they consume?

How old are they and what emotional or work needs might they have?

This step is what marketing experts call “Mapping a Person”, that is, creating a fictional user with the most outstanding characteristics of your audience to know what kind of content they will like most and will encourage them to keep watching your content.


Each person has different personal experiences, which makes it really difficult for a single motivational video to connect with everyone at once, which makes it even more necessary to limit our range of action and look at the type of people who are listening to us in order to tell them what they need to hear.


In short, it will never be the same to make a motivational video based on a speech about success and the importance of being yourself when you have an audience that is over 60 years old and with a life practically made, as to make it for a young audience of only 30 years old with thousands of dreams to fulfill; it is all a matter of perspective and to be able to get it right the only thing we will need is to have the right information.


With the mapping you will be able to find the right tone of voice so that your audience receives the message better and your video doesn’t go through YouTube without any sorrow or glory.

Bet on assertive motivational videos and you’ll be fine!motivational channel youtube


Talk about something that really inspires you and seek identification with your audience


As Picasso said: “Inspiration exists but it is found working”. And that’s precisely what you’ll have to do to make your videos really motivating and provoke a process of identification of your followers with them.

How many times have you watched a movie or read a book and seen or read one of the key scenes in the plot and said: “That’s happened to me too” or “I feel exactly the same way”?


When that happens what we are doing is identifying with that content and with those characters, appropriating their story so that it becomes part of ours.

And that’s what you need to provoke among those who watch your videos, because when that happens, the loyalty that that follower will have to your channel and your philosophy will be eternal.


Don’t be afraid to open your heart in a video, after all they will never really know who you are, but they will have a little piece of you, your story and your experience in a little video that they can repeat as many times as they need to feel better, to know that they are not alone and that there are more people in the world who feel the same way they do.

making motivational videos youtube channel

Focus on a story of overcoming


It is very important that in some of your videos you use an example of improvement, since it is this type of content that really motivates the audience and makes their level of attention with the video increase, thus avoiding that they abandon it in half due to lack of interest and your number of visualizations start to decrease.


And where can you get the inspiration? From your own personal experiences, from the stories of others who are close to you, or from some other story you know that you found really inspiring to share with the rest of the world.


The most important thing is that whatever story you tell, it gets closer to the audience and brings about that process of identification with which people will want to take those stories as examples to apply in their lives and try to improve them in the same way.

The more real and close you are, the easier you will get to connect with the viewers and the more faithful they will be to your next content.


Make your audience reflect and seek to improve


The main premise behind motivational videos is clear: they seek to stimulate people to look for new ways to improve their lives.

If a motivational video doesn’t provoke those who watch it to reflect and examine the current state of their own lives, it is probably not well elaborated and needs some retouching.


Don’t be afraid to use the imperative and go straight to the viewer to start practicing change and get out of their comfort zone.

The viewer needs to hear that change is possible and needs you to give them the tools to do so, so don’t forget to reserve part of the video to address the viewer directly and encourage reflection.



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