Best Motivational Channels on Youtube

We all have moments in life when we feel uninspired, feeling the need to start looking for that extra motivation that will help us stop feeling lost and give meaning to our lives again.

And where can you find inspiration? In the past, the most common resource, and one that is still used today, was self-help books, because as their name indicates, they were always willing to talk to us about anything that was causing us fear, anxiety, sadness or all three at once.

However, times are changing and the ways in which people seek inspiration and new goals are changing as well, giving rise to the so-called YouTube motivational videos.

Nowadays, if you want to feel instantly motivated and isolate yourself from the world around you to immerse yourself in another dimension created expressly to make you think and suggest a change, you only have to search through the most famous motivational channels of the moment on YouTube and you will get it.motivational youtube channels to watch

Some of these videos explain psychological concepts, while others show us the best discourses in history while they are entertained by some very sentimental and deep soundtrack.

Whatever you’re looking for, one of these videos will be able to offer it to you. And what is better, it will do it in a totally free, disinterested way and you will be able to resort to it as many times as you want and in the moment you want. It’s a good therapy, don’t you think?

Below, to help you in your virtual search for inspiration we will give you a list of some of the best motivational channels currently on YouTube.

Viewing any of their videos will start you on your way to the self-improvement you’ve been wanting so badly.

Let’s jump into the list!


Best motivational youtube channels

School of Life

Education is something that doesn’t end when we graduate from the last year of college, it’s something that should accompany us throughout our lives and this YouTube channel seeks precisely this: to teach us in a totally innovative way all those life lessons that we forget as we age.

With more than five million followers, this channel is a reference point for fighting all kinds of problems: fighting against anxiety, learning how to simplify our lives and face our daily problems, learning ways to help our loved ones, overcoming grief, etc. Do not hesitate to visit this channel if you want to learn again the most basic things that human beings need to know to be able to live fully.

TED Talks

If there is a world famous channel that covers all kinds of topics in a close and professional way, that is TED Talks.

The channel already has more than 22 million followers and every day it doesn’t stop growing, providing videos that cover everyday issues such as climate change, depression, breakups, parenting, racism, etc.

In addition, what makes this channel really attractive is not precisely the content, since there are many other channels that may be talking about the same thing, but how its presenters do not explain the problem from their own experience.

TED Talks are more like those conversations you might have with your best friend in your neighborhood coffee shop than a lecture at a prestigious university; the proximity always attracts people more and this channel is the proof of that.motivational channels on youtube list

Matt D’Avella

Are you looking for motivation made into a movie?

Then don’t hesitate to visit this beautiful channel.

Matt D’Avella is a minimalist filmmaker who captures all our insecurities and fears in a simple and careful way in each of his audiovisual creations.

Do you want to know how to get up every day at the same time?

Do you need to organize yourself better?

Do you want to learn to let go of what is not giving you anything?

Then, try watching some of his videos and maybe you will succeed.

As a good filmmaker he is, all the videos on this channel are beautifully filmed with a beautiful aesthetic that will make you stay absorbed while you listen to what he has to say.

Because being given advice in such a delicate and visually appealing way always makes it much more enjoyable.

Improvement Pill

Don’t let his name fool you, because this channel is not about medicines to treat disease or fight depression with drugs, no.

It is an alternative channel to everything seen so far about ways to motivate people, since those who give the talks are anime characters who will talk about problems as everyday and human as overcoming fear, overcoming an addiction or about different ways to overcome ourselves both personally and at work.

Of course, if you are a lover of anime and the fantasy genre, this channel is perfect for you.

It already has more than 2 million followers and is still growing, so its effectiveness is more than proven.

Who says that only real people can give advice?

This channel is proof that animation also helps us to channels for motivation

Team Fearless

This channel is famous for having some of the best motivational videos of the moment, having all kinds of formats that go from a simple video with phrases and shocking music of only three minutes, to long speeches of 20 minutes that invite us to reflect and to overcome in a really incredible way.

As its name indicates, this channel is for those who want to stop being afraid and start being part of the team of winners, of the team of change.

It currently has almost 3 million followers, you’re going to miss it?

Don’t hesitate to watch some of their videos and start thinking big!

Motivation Madness

Do you like to hear how successful people have managed to get to where they are today?

Then don’t hesitate to visit this channel full of speeches in which famous people explain how they started to change their lives, how they motivated themselves and believed that success was possible.

The channel has hours of in-depth talks that will help you solve questions like: what is the healthiest way to think? or what is the path to inner happiness?

Without a doubt it is a channel of success that does not stop growing and contributing new ideas that will help many people analyze their current life and find the way to a new beginning.


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