Best free video editing software for Youtube

A few days ago you decided that the time had come to throw yourself into the adventure and start uploading videos on your own YouTube channel, something you’d always been excited about but for which you’d never had much time.

Now, once you’ve made that decision, chosen the name of your channel and bought all the necessary equipment for the production of each video, what’s the next big thing you’ll have to deal with?

Choosing which software to use to edit all your videos.


Sometimes choosing the wrong software for the post-production of all our videos can spoil all our work, and that’s because editing the videos is the most important part of the whole process and if it is not done properly all the work will have been in vain and we will never achieve the desired results.


Currently there are a wide variety of video editing software for YouTube available for both Mac and Windows, however among the most inexperienced people and those who have never been in front of a computer except to search four things in Google this search can become a challenge.

To do this, we will now list the best free video editing programs of the moment, suitable for both experts and beginners in the world of editing.


Ready to know everything about video editing?


Here we go!free editing software for video youtube


Best free video editing software for YouTube


Windows Movie-Maker


The star Windows editor that everyone who starts in the world of YouTube knows and has surely used at some time is this: the Windows Movie-Maker.

In fact, in computer schools when they start teaching about editing programs to carry out simple video presentations with images and sound, they always use this program as a base since it is really easy to understand and gives very good results.


It is simple, intuitive and free, what more could you ask for to get started?

Although, do not expect from this program great special effects, or a wide variety of features to make your video better, because you will not find them.


This software is the perfect candidate for those who start on YouTube and do not have too high their expectations, and can be valid to create fairly linear videos with a wide variety of transitions to choose from, images, subtitles and music.

Want something simple but effective?

Then this is your program!




For those who work with Mac there is also a very good software that is giving very good results, both for the most experienced and for beginners: the Lightworks.

While the program has a completely free and a more advanced payment mode, the free version is really complete and will delight those who want to take editing their videos to the next level without having to pay for it.


The program allows you to edit videos in both HD and 4K resolution and supports the vast majority of video formats, it is always preferable to work with AVI or MP4 format to avoid problems.

Also, as a curious fact that will make your interest in the application even greater, you’ll be interested to know that this same program was used by the Hollywood industry to record nothing more and nothing less than “Pulp Fiction”.


Impressive, isn’t it?

Don’t hesitate to try it and enjoy its quality!software to edit youtube video for free




This program is the longest running video editing program that the Mac has, since its first edition was launched in 1999 and since 2003 has always been included in all new versions that this operating system launched to the market.


The reason for its success?

How easy it is to use and its wide variety of features.

In addition, if instead of recording with a lower resolution, you decide to make all your videos with a superior 4K camera you can also edit them in this program without any problem.

This software allows the beginner to learn and become an expert in video editing thanks to the number of options it offers and its intuitive interface.

As an editing program it also has a number of very basic functions, such as cut and paste, add titles, subtitles, visual effects, transitions, sounds and a long etcetera.


If you are a newcomer to editing and don’t want to make your life difficult by downloading external programs you don’t know, don’t hesitate to try iMovie.

You will be surprised!

top video editing software for youtube

Blender Video Editor


This program is considered one of the best video editing tools available for Windows, Linux and Mac. And why?

Because it perfectly combines very basic editing tools that beginners can take advantage of, while intuitively and easily introducing all kinds of professional video editing tools that will delight the most experienced people looking for affordable editing software.


Blender has proven to be much more than a simple video editor for YouTube, since it allows us to create visual effects, model, animate, render, create games and even use the layer system that is usually only available in more advanced versions.

It also allows us to add as many video, audio and image files as we want and gives us unlimited access to vectorscope, preview and histogram.


The only drawback you can put to this spectacular program is that sometimes it is too much and it slows down, since having so many and so many options can sometimes get saturated and those who do not have much experience are overtaken by the immensity of its options.

For the rest, it’s a complete program that will allow you to edit all your YouTube videos in a really good way.

Don’t hesitate to give it a try and enjoy all its advantages for free.


With these four video editing programs you can start taking your first steps in the world of Youtube safely, because although some are very simple and others may seem extremely complex, they all have one thing in common: they are free, they are efficient and they are easy to handle by any user with a little patience and motivation.


Don’t hesitate to try any of these programs and start your adventure as a professional YouTuber.

Good luck!


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